Firms selling high tech products need to keep it simple. So that you, dear reader, can make the right choices to get full value for your money and your expectations from each of the devices and products that are such an essential part of our lives today.

Quite simply, that is what we have set out to do, and we promise you that for the team at Tech News 360, this will be the only thing that will matter, as we set out to remove the inessential, the jargon, and claims that are meaningless, to bring you the real reason why you should be considering a particular product for yourself.

To do this well, we have a team of experienced journalists, content writers, and excellent technology partners to ensure that the user experience at Tech News 360 keeps getting better.

With that courage of conviction, Tech News 360 will now seek to become the definitive source for users across India and beyond, across every device and appliance category that matters.

Editorial Team

Swarajit Biswas
Founder & Managing Editor

Kanan Biswas
Co-Founder & Director