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A new Harry Potter RPG is going to come to PS5 and Xbox Series X, as per a report by GamesRadar. It would be an open world game playable in third person. The report by GamesRadar is based upon one from Bloomberg according to which the game is currently being developed by Avalanche Software. The game is reportedly slated to launch on the next gen consoles next year.
The game would have been revealed this year at E3 but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event got cancelled and the game information was also not revealed afterwards. The report by Bloomberg says that the Harry Potter RPG announcement would come after a new Batman game is announced at the DC Fandome event in August.
The news about a Harry Potter game in the works is not that new. Rumours about an RPG in the works have been circulating for close to a year now. However, this game would be big in the sense that not a lot of Harry Potter games have been made till now. The most recent game in memory is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that’s developed by Niantic and Warner Bros. Games, San Francisco.
The game is set in both the magical and muggle world of Rowling’s fantasy universe. Due to a calamity that occured in the wizarding world, things and even memories from the magical world have somehow begun to appear in the non-magical world of muggles. These items are the ‘Foundables’. To elaborate further, in order to prevent the wizarding world from getting exposed to the muggles, players, who will start as recruits of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, need to team up with others across the world to search and collect these Foundables and return them to the wizarding world.

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