This spice could possibly be the premise of a wise, infection-fighting bandage


1440 tumeric bandage ISEF

acidic: An adjective for supplies that include acid. Acidic supplies usually are able to dissolving away some minerals comparable to carbonate, or stopping their formation within the first place.

alkaline: An adjective that describes a chemical that produces hydroxide ions (OH-) in an answer. These options are additionally known as fundamental — as within the reverse of acidic — and have a pH above 7.

antibiotic: A germ-killing substance, normally prescribed as a drugs (or generally as a feed additive to advertise the expansion of livestock). It doesn’t work in opposition to viruses.

anticoagulant: A time period for supplies (usually medicines) that gradual or stop blood-clotting within the physique. Docs could prescribe such supplies for individuals whose blood tends to clot inside blood vessels. Clots there can threat obstructing the stream of blood. Within the coronary heart, such obstructions can result in coronary heart assaults.

micro organism: (singular: bacterium) Single-celled organisms. These dwell practically all over the place on Earth, from the underside of the ocean to inside different dwelling organisms (comparable to vegetation and animals). Micro organism are one of many three domains of life on Earth.

biodegradable: Adjective for one thing that is ready to break down into easier supplies, based mostly on the exercise of microbes. This normally happens within the presence of water, daylight or different situations that assist nurture these organisms.

bleach: A dilute type of the liquid, sodium hypochlorite, that’s used across the house to lighten and brighten materials, to take away stains or to kill germs. Or it could imply to lighten one thing completely, comparable to: Being in fixed daylight bleached many of the wealthy coloring out of the window drapes.

coagulate: (n. coagulation and coagulant) It’s a time period for the method by which blood clots. This may prevents extreme bleeding (a hemorrhage) when a blood vessel ruptures. Cells generally known as platelets work together with proteins in plasma (your blood’s yellowy liquid) to cease bleeding by forming a clot on the website of harm. Medication prescribed to gradual or stop an overactive blood-clotting system are generally known as anticoagulants.

despair: A low spot, comparable to in a area or the floor of a rock.

setting: The sum of the entire issues that exist round some organism or the method and the situation these issues create. Atmosphere could seek advice from the climate and ecosystem through which some animal lives, or, maybe, the temperature and humidity (and even the placement of issues within the neighborhood of an merchandise of curiosity).

gauze: A skinny, open-weave cloth — normally constructed from cotton — utilized in clothes. In medication, it may be used to decorate (cowl) wounds as a breathable safety in order that they don’t get soiled (and probably contaminated).

hydrochloric acid: A robust (potent) and corrosive acid fashioned when hydrogen chloride gasoline dissolves into water. The human intestine produces a dilute resolution of this to interrupt down meals.

an infection: A illness that may unfold from one organism to a different. It’s normally brought on by some sort of microbe.

irritation: (adj. inflammatory) The physique’s response to mobile harm and weight problems; it usually includes swelling, redness, warmth and ache. It is also an underlying characteristic liable for the event and aggravation of many ailments, particularly coronary heart illness and diabetes.

natural: (in chemistry) An adjective that signifies one thing is carbon-containing; additionally a time period that pertains to the essential chemical compounds that make up dwelling organisms. (in agriculture) Farm merchandise grown with out the usage of non-natural and probably poisonous chemical compounds, comparable to pesticides.

pH: A measure of an answer’s acidity or alkalinity. A pH of seven is completely impartial. Acids have a pH decrease than 7; the farther from 7, the stronger the acid. Alkaline options, known as bases, have a pH increased than 7; once more, the farther above 7, the stronger the bottom.

prototype: A primary or early mannequin of some system, system or product that also must be perfected.

recall: To recollect.

Regeneron Worldwide Science and Engineering Truthful: (Regeneron ISEF) Initially launched in 1950, this competitors is one in all three created (and nonetheless run) by the Society for Science. Annually now, roughly 2,000 highschool college students from as much as 70 nations, areas, and territories are awarded the chance to showcase their impartial analysis at Regeneron ISEF and to compete for a median of $9 million in prizes.

shea butter: A fats present in seeds of the shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa). Like many pure fat, it’s used not solely in meals and soaps but additionally in a spread of different merchandise (comparable to cosmetics, shampoos and candles). It additionally could have some anti-microbial properties.

simulation: (v. simulate) An evaluation, usually made utilizing a pc, of some situations, features or look of a bodily system. A pc program would do that by utilizing mathematical operations that may describe the system and the way it may change over time or in response to completely different anticipated conditions.

Society for Science: A nonprofit group created in 1921 and based mostly in Washington, D.C. Since its founding, the Society has been selling not solely public engagement in scientific analysis but additionally the general public understanding of science. It created and continues to run three famend science competitions: the Regeneron Science Expertise Search (begun in 1942), the Regeneron Worldwide Science and Engineering Truthful (initially launched in 1950) and the middle-school MASTERS competitors (from 2010 to 2022) that morphed into the Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Problem (and launched in 2023). The Society additionally publishes award-winning journalism: in Science Information (launched in 1922) and Science Information Explores (created in 2003).

sodium bicarbonate: Also referred to as baking soda, this white, chemical powder happens naturally. Its method is NaHCO3. It additionally has been used as a pure product to extinguish small electrical and grease fires. When ingested, it could assist settle acid stomachs. Certainly, it’s the major ingredient of many antacids offered in grocery shops.

software program: The mathematical directions that direct a pc’s {hardware}, together with its processor, to carry out sure operations.

resolution: A liquid through which one chemical has been dissolved into one other.

sustainable: (n. sustainability) An adjective to explain the usage of assets in a such a manner that they’ll proceed to be accessible lengthy into the long run.

symptom: A bodily or psychological indicator typically regarded to be attribute of a illness. Generally a single symptom — particularly a basic one, comparable to fever or ache — could be a signal of any of many several types of harm or illness.

trait: A attribute characteristic of one thing. (in genetics) A top quality or attribute that may be inherited.

turmeric: A yellowy-orange spice derived from the basis of the Curcuma longa plant (an Asian relative of ginger). It’s used to impart coloration and taste to meals all through Asia, however particularly curries. It’s additionally a pure treatment in some conventional medicines of China and India. It’s major therapeutic ingredient is curcumin, which has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Some analysis has instructed it additionally could possibly be helpful in treating arthritis, anxiousness, muscle soreness (after train) and excessive ranges of blood ldl cholesterol.

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