The Acolyte Continued One of Star Wars’ Most Amazing New Traditions


George Lucas may be the creator of Star Wars, but a legendary hip-hop group from New York has, and continues to, have an impact in a galaxy far, far away.


On this week’s episode of The Acolyte, we’re treated to a brief moment of Jedi Master Vernestra Rwoh speaking to a senator from the planet Abednedo. The senator is not named in the episode, but the subtitles and official Star Wars website identify them as Senator Isedwa Chuwant.

Who cares, right? Star Wars names are always weird. That’s true but specifically when it comes to Abednedo beings, they’re specifically, and intentionally, weird. The species first appeared in The Force Awakens, and is best known for the Resistance pilot Ello Asty, a character whose name J.J. Abrams approved because it was a reference to one of his favorite groups, the Beastie Boys. (Ello Asty is named after their album, Hello Nasty.)

Have you ever heard their song “So What’cha Want?” Say it fast then look at the senator’s name: Isedwa Chuwant. Yes, the Abednedo character is once again clearly named after a Beastie Boys song. And, according to Wookiepedia, it’s a tradition that has extended well beyond just film and TV.

According to the site, several Star Wars authors and creators have continued the pattern in books and visual guides. In the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, Pablo Hidalgo names characters Roodown (for the Beastie Boys song “Root Down”), Munica (for the album Ill Communication) and, our favorite, Brasmon Kee (for the song “Brass Monkey.”) There are also characters named Sowa Chuan (“So What’cha Want?” again), Oddy Muva (“Body Movin’”), and Awls Ooteek (Paul’s Boutique) just to name a few. Again, Wookiepedia dives into it more.

And now we have Senator Isedaw Chuwant who both asks, and answers the question, “So What’cha Want?” More Star Wars names from the Beastie Boys? Yes, please.

See the character on the new episode of The Acolyte, streaming on Disney+.

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