Conformal on-line mannequin aggregation


arXiv:2403.15527v1 Announce Sort: new
Summary: Conformal prediction equips machine studying fashions with an inexpensive notion of uncertainty quantification with out making robust distributional assumptions. It wraps round any black-box prediction mannequin and converts level predictions into set predictions which have a predefined marginal protection assure. Nonetheless, conformal prediction solely works if we repair the underlying machine studying mannequin upfront. A comparatively unaddressed situation in conformal prediction is that of mannequin choice and/or aggregation: for a given downside, which of the plethora of prediction strategies (random forests, neural nets, regularized linear fashions, and so forth.) ought to we conformalize? This paper proposes a brand new method in direction of conformal mannequin aggregation in on-line settings that’s primarily based on combining the prediction units from a number of algorithms by voting, the place weights on the fashions are tailored over time primarily based on previous efficiency.

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