This chilly water immersion remedy tubs aids your restoration


Hydragun Supertub Cold Water Immersion Therapy 01

Enhance your post-workout restoration with the Hydragun Supertub chilly water immersion remedy tub.


Vitality-efficient Permafrost chilling system: This characteristic retains your water as little as 37.4°F (3°C) all through the day.

Tremendous-clean design: Anticipate cleanliness with the Supertub’s built-in 3-step self-cleaning sanitization system. From trapping bigger particles with an 80-mesh water strainer to disinfecting water with a commercial-grade ozone generator, it ensures pristine water.

Common compatibility: Supertub matches properties of all sizes, indoors or in sheltered out of doors areas. Its self-contained filtration system requires no plumbing, and its sturdy but light-weight inflatable design permits for simple setup.

Well being advantages: Chilly water immersion can assist post-exercise restoration and increase vitality and focus by triggering the discharge of adrenaline and noradrenaline.


Care for your well being and health with this chilly plunge tub.

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