[2309.13786] Distribution-Free Statistical Dispersion Management for Societal Purposes


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Summary:Specific finite-sample statistical ensures on mannequin efficiency are an necessary ingredient in accountable machine studying. Earlier work has centered primarily on bounding both the anticipated lack of a predictor or the likelihood that a person prediction will incur a loss worth in a specified vary. Nevertheless, for a lot of high-stakes functions, it’s essential to grasp and management the dispersion of a loss distribution, or the extent to which completely different members of a inhabitants expertise unequal results of algorithmic choices. We provoke the research of distribution-free management of statistical dispersion measures with societal implications and suggest a easy but versatile framework that enables us to deal with a a lot richer class of statistical functionals past earlier work. Our strategies are verified by way of experiments in poisonous remark detection, medical imaging, and movie suggestion.

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From: Zhun Deng [view email]
Mon, 25 Sep 2023 00:31:55 UTC (10,494 KB)
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