[2309.10688] On the completely different regimes of Stochastic Gradient Descent


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Summary:Trendy deep networks are skilled with stochastic gradient descent (SGD) whose key hyperparameters are the variety of knowledge thought of at every step or batch dimension $B$, and the step dimension or studying charge $eta$. For small $B$ and enormous $eta$, SGD corresponds to a stochastic evolution of the parameters, whose noise amplitude is ruled by the ”temperature” $Tequiv eta/B$. But this description is noticed to interrupt down for sufficiently massive batches $Bgeq B^*$, or simplifies to gradient descent (GD) when the temperature is small enough. Understanding the place these cross-overs happen stays a central problem. Right here, we resolve these questions for a teacher-student perceptron classification mannequin and present empirically that our key predictions nonetheless apply to deep networks. Particularly, we acquire a section diagram within the $B$-$eta$ airplane that separates three dynamical phases: (i) a noise-dominated SGD ruled by temperature, (ii) a large-first-step-dominated SGD and (iii) GD. These completely different phases additionally correspond to completely different regimes of generalization error. Remarkably, our evaluation reveals that the batch dimension $B^*$ separating regimes (i) and (ii) scale with the dimensions $P$ of the coaching set, with an exponent that characterizes the hardness of the classification drawback.

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