This wireless Hybrid ANC headset comes with a Wireless Charge Stand


ONANOFF Fokus Plus Wireless Headset Stand 01

Introducing the ONANOFF Fokus+ wireless Hybrid ANC headset, poised to transform your auditory experience. This state-of-the-art device boasts an array of features designed to redefine how you listen.


Hybrid ANC: Fokus+ employs advanced hybrid ANC technology, shielding you from distracting background noise.
Wireless charging stand: A game-changing stand allows effortless charging and powering on/off by docking and undocking the Fokus+.
Multipoint connection: Connect to 2 Bluetooth audio sources simultaneously.
Detachable boom mic: The high-performance boom mic delivers crystal-clear voice transmission.
HearThru mode: Stay aware of your surroundings or engage in conversations without removing your headphones.
FokusMode: Experience enhanced vocal clarity and crispness.
Up to 50-hour battery life: Enjoy an extended playback time of up to 50 hours.


Elevate your listening game with Fokus+—where innovation meets immersive sound.

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