Poco M6 Pro (4G) in for review


Say hi to the just-announced Poco M6 Pro – a slightly different phone from the previously announced Poco M6 Pro 5G, which launched back in the summer.

What’s key here is that the Poco M6 Pro is a 4G-only device. That’s because it’s powered by theHelio G99 chipset, which in this case has been tuned specially for Xiaomi and is called the Helio G99 Ultra.

The Poco M6 Pro ships in a well-stocked package with a 67W charger, a USB cable, and a case.

Poco M6 Pro (4G) in for review

Where the 4G-only Poco M6 Pro shines over its 5G-ready counterpart is in the display – the new phone has an AMOLED panel with 120Hz refresh rate to the older one’s 90Hz LCD.

The Poco M6 Pro boots MIUI 14, but will get bumped up to Xiaomi’s HyperOS shortly. The device has a subtle dual-toned finish that adds style to an otherwise simple plastic back.

The Poco M6 Pro
The Poco M6 Pro

The Poco M6 Pro

Our review of the Poco M6 Pro has progressed quite a lot and you should see it hit our homepage in a couple of days!

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