This pen display by Huion uses the new Canvas Glass


Huion Kamvas Pro 19 Pen Display 01

Bring your creative dreams to life with the Huion Kamvas Pro 19. This pen display uses the new Canvas Glass and powerful tech.


On-the-Go Creativity: This 18.4-inch UHD pen display combines portability with PenTech 4.0 and Canvas Glass for dreamy artistic pursuits.

Visual Excellence Anywhere: A 4K display on a slim 18.4-inch canvas, the Kamvas Pro 19 is your portable toolkit for illustration, animation, and photo editing.

Lifelike Color Precision: With hardware calibration and ΔE<1.5, dive into over one billion shades and a wide color gamut.

Dual Pens, Effortless Activation: Experience superior writing with standard and slim pens.

Comfortable Visuals, Every Stroke: Featuring the all-new Canvas Glass, this display offers anti-glare properties and a lifelike texture.

Personalized Creative Experience: With hardware calibration, 2.2 Gamma value, and factory calibration, this gadget caters to unique preferences.


Enjoy a seamless and personalized creative journey with this creative display!

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