These Boxing Training Gloves boast DR-T Tech for feedback & protection


Hit N Move All Day Padding Boxing Training Gloves 001

Train at your best when you wear the Hit N Move Boxing Training Gloves. Boasting DR-T Tech, the brand’s Proprietary All Day Padding, they deliver enhanced glove feedback and protection.


Proprietary technology: Integrated DR-T Tech glove technology makes them extremely comfortable and durable.
Ergonomic design: Meticulously designed using the principles of ergonomics, the padding provides acceleration. It not only protects you but also exhibits characteristics of flight—akin to a dart.
Optimized construction: By replicating the weight distribution within the human arm, the brand optimized the padding’s balance and performance to align with the natural mechanics of a punch.


Overall, by combining expertise in martial arts, medical knowledge, and aerodynamics, the brand developed the innovative Dart padding. This lets you enjoy a fusion of functionality, protection, and graceful flight dynamics.

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