This under cabinet kitchen TV by Sylvox is ideal for video recipes


Sylvox Smart Under Cabinet Kitchen TV 01

Follow video recipes more easily with the Sylvox Smart Under Cabinet Kitchen TV. This new kitchen TV fits conveniently under cabinets and brings you your favorite content streaming apps.


Smart kitchen TV: Download your favorite apps and catch up on your content with this smart TV for kitchens. It boasts popular apps like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime Video, and more.

A rotating screen: Meanwhile, the screen rotates 360°, letting you set the ideal angle. It also flaps down at 90°

Android and Apple OS screencasting: Then, with support for Android and Apple OS screencasting, neck and eye discomfort become things of the past.

Durable design: What’s more, this kitchen TV has waterproof protection and withstands temperatures up to 113°F.

Superb Screen: With 1080 FHD and a viewing angle of 170°, you enjoy a high-quality picture while preparing food.


Add smarts to your kitchen prep with this TV for kitchens.

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