niostem smart hair loss wearable reverses hair loss in 6 months


niostem Smart Hair Loss Reversing Wearable 01

Reverse your hair loss in just 6 months when you wear the niostem smart hair loss wearable. The company states effectiveness was proven in 6 months in a human trial. Hair density increased on average by 19.3%, and hair thickness increased on average by 9.1%.


Regrows hair: Not only does it stop hair loss, but this wearable also reactivates dormant stem cells. This kickstarts the regular growth process and regrows hair.
Reverse hair loss: Using stem cell reactivation technology, it reactivates hair growth. Providing personalized stimulation, it adjusts based on your individual skin.
Full scalp coverage: An invisible web covers your entire scalp, and the device is easy to wear no matter what you’re doing.
Safe to use: It doesn’t interfere with your hormones and causes no negative side effects.


Say goodbye to pattern baldness and hello to more confidence, higher self-esteem, and improved mental health.

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