5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI to help pilgrims, Galaxy AI announced, and more


AI Roundup: Several notable developments took place in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) today, January 3. The Saudi Press Agency reported that the General Authority for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques is leveraging AI techniques to offer guidance to the pilgrims at the Grand Mosque. Meanwhile, Samsung announced its annual event called Galaxy Unpacked and it will focus heavily on AI, with a possible new product called Galaxy AI.

All this, and more in today’s AI roundup.

1. Saudi Arabia leverages AI to help pilgrims at Grand Mosque

The General Authority for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques is leveraging AI techniques to offer guidance to the pilgrims at the Grand Mosque, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). Spanning 279 square meters, nearly 52 screens have been placed inside and outside, and on all the paths leading up to the mosque. A guidance robot built using AI is also being utilized to offer brochures and reading materials related to the rituals.

2. AI tool may help detect Cancer, says report

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in the US have developed an AI tool that can help detect and maybe even treat Cancer. As per the release, the tool, called iStar, can interpret medical images, and provide a detailed view of individual body cells. As per the researchers, it could potentially allow doctors to see cancer cells which would have been very difficult to detect otherwise. Mingyao Li, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania said, “The power of iStar stems from its advanced techniques, which mirror, in reverse, how a pathologist would study a tissue sample”.

3. Fitterfly unveils conversational coaching AI as a Diabetes intervention

With over 100 million people in India suffering from Diabetes, the need for an intervention cannot be understated. Now, Fitterfly has announced the launch of a conversational coaching AI called JeDi. According to the release, it aims to provide users with reliable and empathetic assistance in managing their nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being in a structured 28-day regimen, built as a game. Ammar Jagirdar, Head – X Labs at Fitterfly said, “The JEDi architecture is hybrid with rule-based NLP on an Expert system foundation complemented with large language models (LLMs). It’s connected to the Fitterfly knowledge base which powers our therapies”.

4. Samsung announces Galaxy Unpacked event with AI in focus

Samsung announced its annual event called Galaxy Unpacked, and it is set to take place on January 17. According to the company, it will aim to provide an “all-new mobile experience powered by AI”. It is also likely that the company’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S24 series, could have a focus on AI. The event’s teaser says “Galaxy AI is coming”.

5. 64 pct people think AI could lead to data exposure, says survey

A new survey conducted by Cheil India has revealed that about 64 percent of the respondents think that using AI may lead to their data getting exposed. The survey, called ‘AI and I – What Indian consumers feel about and expect from AI in 2024′, involved over 1000 respondents in an online quantitative survey. The report further states about 70 percent of the people believe that companies might start misusing the data they share. Lim Seob Chung, MD, Cheil India said, “Unlike other recent trends that dominated tech headlines, AI has become mainstream and is here to stay. Its appeal cuts across age groups and gender with each coterie having their own views on it.”

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